About us

Kebulak was established in 2008 by Cara Davani, an already successful and experienced breeder, handler and owner of Kerry Blue Terriers and Lakeland Terriers.  Since Kebulak was established we have expanded our involvement with Terriers and are also enjoying success with Welsh Terriers and Irish Terriers. Kebulak is now co-owned with my partner, Andy Potts.

We are a modern, ambitious and forward thinking kennel making our mark overseas in the show ring at the highest levels as well as in the UK.

We are proud of the number of Kebulak Terriers which are being shown all over the world by reputable terrier exhibitors and breeders who have chosen to own a Kebulak Terrier as well as those who are new to our breeds and have chosen Kebulak to form their foundation stock.

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